Today’s image is a return to typography, rendered in pen and tweaked in Photoshop:

Learn Create Love 3-1-13

I’ve not used this font before in the blog and I think it’s gone quite well. I also think that the idea of ‘Learn, Create, Love’ is a fairly decent maxim to live by.

Today I’m also following up on Peri nominating the blog for the Blog On Fire Award:


The Rules:

List 8 random things about yourself :

~ I would like to go to Iceland this year; I’d love to see the Northern Lights.

~ If I could have any animal as a pet without impunity it would either be another cat or a duck.

~ If I’m feeling low something that helps to cheer me up is playing ‘Big Bottom’ from Spinal Tap on guitar; I cannot play the chorus without corpsing.

~ I have never learned to ride a bicycle.

~ I want to get back into modelmaking this year.

~ If I could, I would love to work for Aardman.

~ My favourite gallery as of the end of last year is La Musee d’Orsay.

~ Last year I sold some of my fractal pieces as part of a small exhibition. I couldn’t have done this without the blog.


Nominate 8 of your favorite blogs and let them know:

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