Typography today, based upon the most commonly occurring letters in the English language:

ETAOINSHRD 28-10-13It was fun to play around with transparencies here but on this occasion I think I played it a little too safe and ought to have made the contrast between each layer greater, and perhaps added an outline for further clarity. Something to learn for future works of this type, I think.


There’ve been a couple of moments of panic in various arenas of life in the last couple of days and the latest scares about the heavy oncoming storms have sealed it. With that in mind, here is a headless chicken:

Headless Chicken 27-10-13

For whatever reason the idea of a chicken shrieking very genteel curses really tickles me. I wish I’d roughed up the outline a little more but I like the overall composition and the black/white keeps it simple.

Unexpected sabbatical last night, so here are yesterday’s drawing and today’s, both of which see a return to long-unused media; the former is an ink painting of a sock monkey:

Sock Monkey 25-10-13

I think this fellow’s rather charming. I’ve been thinking a lot about sock monkeys for a future undertaking which I’ll explain more once I can get certain elements confirmed.


The latter is a biro sketch of stem ginger:

Stem Ginger 26-10-13

I think the scratchiness of the biro depicts the roughness of the ginger quite nicely. Having said that, of the two images I much prefer the monkey.




An attempt to show glass in Photoshop today:

Gauge 24-10-13


It’s a small step here and it’ll need some improvement. But in time I’d like to be able to work this technique up, to do something more ambitious such as a stained glass window. I’m aware though that this will take a lot of practise.

Returned to simpler pencil drawing today with this picture of a pocket:

Pocket 23-10-13

I think the folds here suggest a full pocket. It was a nice break to come back to this method after so much computer imagery; I should maybe go back to some painting soon as well.

Today’s image was borne out of the radio show I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, and their parody of Rock Paper Scissors, Cow Lake Bomb:

Cow Lake Bomb 22-10-13

It is of some regret that I can’t track down the clip proper because it is possibly one of the funniest five minutes of radio comedy I’ve ever heard. I figured it was better to present the game in the same matter-of-fact way in which Humphrey Lyttelton introduced it because conveying the anarchy of the round itself would have been nigh on impossible without simply animating the original sound clip. The image itself could work pretty well as a t-shirt for die-hard show fans; I’m aware this is a somewhat niche group of which I am a part, which perhaps makes this a self-indulgent image but it’s nice to show my love for the programme somehow.

I had to go away this weekend so today’s post is a multiple. First entry for Friday 18th is a self-demonstrating piece of typography for the word ‘random’, drawn in pen then computer-refined:

Random 18-10-13I like the letterforms in this one. I do wonder if I should have added colour to this, random splashes to emphasise the meaning, but perhaps it was better to let the word speak for itself.

Saturday 19th’s image is inspired by the idea of influence and how it spreads:

Influence 19-10-13

I wanted this to look a little abstract and ethereal. I love the colour here; I chose red to show love and warmth. The softness helps as well.

Sunday 20th’s image is based on William Huarns Mears’ poem, Antigonish, sketched out in pen and then computer-coloured:Antigonish 20-1-13

I wanted to have a washed-out feel to show the despair, and the gradient of colour to show the loss of certainty in the narrator’s voice and his disintegrating sanity; this is partly why the words go back and forth as well as to suggest a staircase. Weirdly the disassociation theme of the poem appears to have continued into a meta-level; the number of misquotations and misattributions were rather surprising to say the least.

Today’s image is of a hummingbird tattoo, sketched in pen then coloured in Photoshop, and I was trying to experiment with shading fleshtones:

Hummingbird Tattoo 21-10-13

This was rather tricky to do but I’m pretty happy with how it’s come out; the gradients of colour are just as I’d hoped they’d be, although I have to admit that having a photo of my own arm in this position helped enormously to making this work. It’s really satisfying when an image comes out just as I’d pictured it in my head.