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Unexpected sabbatical last night, so here are yesterday’s drawing and today’s, both of which see a return to long-unused media; the former is an ink painting of a sock monkey:

Sock Monkey 25-10-13

I think this fellow’s rather charming. I’ve been thinking a lot about sock monkeys for a future undertaking which I’ll explain more once I can get certain elements confirmed.


The latter is a biro sketch of stem ginger:

Stem Ginger 26-10-13

I think the scratchiness of the biro depicts the roughness of the ginger quite nicely. Having said that, of the two images I much prefer the monkey.





I wasn’t able to update yesterday but here are two entries, both rather frivolous in tone. Yesterday’s entry would have been this pen and sepia ink piece, inspired by a block encountered during my origami project:

Obstacle 28-5-13I like the texture provided by the ink; it gives a particular enhancement to the bricks. As to the origami project obstacle itself: it would appear I’m using the wrong paper.

Today’s entry proper is a return to multi-panel comic format:

Ear Worm 29-5-13This particular song has been an intermittent ear worm/annoyance for the last couple of years. I’m quite happy with the hints of passing time throughout; I should do a colourised version of this for comparison.



I thought I’d return to games today but rendering with ink ratther than in CG:

Snakes and Ladders 20-5-13

I’m glad I added the extra line details, it’s lifted an image that risked being a tad lifeless; I do wonder if I should’ve had another snake. It made a good change to go with ink though, it’s been quite some time since I used it.

Just to do something a little different:

Origami Swan 20-4-13

I’m glad I used the ink for this; pen and Photoshop would’ve been too heavy and pencil might not have had the same clarity of colour. I’m pondering whether or not I should try making origami stuff so as to add a 3D element to the blog; I miss sculpting and origami would be an interesting way to get back into it.

Apologies for the absence yesterday, I was unavoidably detained. Yesterday’s entry would have been this Sharpie-drawn and Photoshop-tweaked Fire Lotus:

Fire Lotus 15-4-13

Originally the outline was rendered as red with pale orange at the centre, but I thought upon reflection that the red overwhelmed the rest; as a result I used Photoshop to switch the two colours around, which I think has improved it.

Today’s image was a follow-on of sorts from the Turning The Air Blue entry, with an ink-brush rendering of an alto clef:

Alto Clef 16-4-13

I have a personal affinity with the alto clef because I used to play the viola; I also really love the shape of the clef and think that, were it to be rotated and repeated in pattern, particularly if in different shades of the same colour, it could make for an interesting design/motif. Something to play with for the future I feel – which means I’ve now got a few ideas for future entries; it’s nice to have something to ruminate upon on and revisit.

Exploring the trope of symbolic/semiotic rendering of swearing:

TTAB 12-4-13

Taking my cue from the phrase ‘turning the air blue’, the rest fell into place pretty quickly; it was a nice excuse to return to ink-brush rendering. Of the symbols the latter three (hash, exclamation, lambda) seem to work better than the asterisk and the spiral.

It’s interesting to note that in symbolic swearing there doesn’t seem to be a massive pool of symbols from which they’re typically sourced; it’s usually along the lines of those shown above. I probably should have gone for a more outlandish set, possibly incorporating the following: an interrobang; a biohazard symbol; an alto clef; and the Eye of Horus.

Green ink-brush image, inspired by a motif on a piece of stationery I own, and borne out of the desire for spring to arrive:

Leaf Motif 4-4-13

There’s something a little Arts-and-Crafts-esque about this. I’m a lot happier with the colour tone on this one than I was with yesterday’s Albino Eye; I’m hoping that one was a bit of a glitch.

In other news I caught an interesting article on the BBC News tonight about the re-opening of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (read here); a fascinating insight into how the museum was refurbished and effectively a tale of how to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in spectacular style. I’d be very keen to see it in person in the near future.