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Unexpected sabbatical last night, so here are yesterday’s drawing and today’s, both of which see a return to long-unused media; the former is an ink painting of a sock monkey:

Sock Monkey 25-10-13

I think this fellow’s rather charming. I’ve been thinking a lot about sock monkeys for a future undertaking which I’ll explain more once I can get certain elements confirmed.


The latter is a biro sketch of stem ginger:

Stem Ginger 26-10-13

I think the scratchiness of the biro depicts the roughness of the ginger quite nicely. Having said that, of the two images I much prefer the monkey.





A return to daft puns today; I mispronounced the word ‘pineapple’ and it led to this:Panapple 27-9-13

It was nice to come back to sharpie-and-pencil today. I’m still wondering if I should have just turned the bottom half of a pineapple into a pan and stuck a handle on it, but pineapples always look more distinctive with the leaves attached. Either way the joke tickles me due to its utter silliness.

Back to Sharpie-and-pencil food sketch:

Aubergine 28-4-13


I’m fairly happy with this – I’m glad that the shading came through – but I’m thinking more and more with food drawings like this that I should shake it up a little; my main feeling is that I should do a whole food item accompanied by another chopped in half. Either that or enhance the background somehow. Any thoughts on this would be greatly welcomed.

Sharpie and pencil rendering of an asparagus spear today:

Asparagus 8-4-13It’s quite satisfying to have a Sharpie and pencil drawing that works after the less-than-successful Albino Eye, and to incorporate two Sharpie colours (even if they are two shades of green). Something to build up from I think.


Buoyed by the positive response to yesterday’s Champagne Strawberry, and inspired by watching cookery/baking programmes tonight, I did an image in a similar vein of honey:

Honey 7-3-13

I’m feeling a lot more confident with Photoshop now; greater practise with it over the last couple of months is beginning to show through. I don’t think I could ever let go of hand-drawn methods though, and I certainly have as much fun with sketching out the initial image as with digital colouring. I’m definitely going to have to invest in a more up do date version of the software soon though.

Simple colour image today:

Champagne Strawberry 6-3-13

It’s the first time in a while where I’ve played with different transparencies of colour and blurring for gradient shading in Photoshop – I wish I’d done so sooner as I’d forgotten that the result is more subtle (particularly for the colours on the immersed strawberry) and the image likely wouldn’t have worked without this effect. I should employ it more. It’s also quite nice to have a coloured background for a change.

I thought things were getting a little monochrome so I decided to draw a raspberry:

Raspberry 10-2-13

I’m happy with the result of this one but I don’t think I’m challenging myself enough with these food drawings; I need to do something more complex next time. A pineapple could be good, or something in two or more base colours. Any suggestions would be welcome.