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I had to go away this weekend so today’s post is a multiple. First entry for Friday 18th is a self-demonstrating piece of typography for the word ‘random’, drawn in pen then computer-refined:

Random 18-10-13I like the letterforms in this one. I do wonder if I should have added colour to this, random splashes to emphasise the meaning, but perhaps it was better to let the word speak for itself.

Saturday 19th’s image is inspired by the idea of influence and how it spreads:

Influence 19-10-13

I wanted this to look a little abstract and ethereal. I love the colour here; I chose red to show love and warmth. The softness helps as well.

Sunday 20th’s image is based on William Huarns Mears’ poem, Antigonish, sketched out in pen and then computer-coloured:Antigonish 20-1-13

I wanted to have a washed-out feel to show the despair, and the gradient of colour to show the loss of certainty in the narrator’s voice and his disintegrating sanity; this is partly why the words go back and forth as well as to suggest a staircase. Weirdly the disassociation theme of the poem appears to have continued into a meta-level; the number of misquotations and misattributions were rather surprising to say the least.

Today’s image is of a hummingbird tattoo, sketched in pen then coloured in Photoshop, and I was trying to experiment with shading fleshtones:

Hummingbird Tattoo 21-10-13

This was rather tricky to do but I’m pretty happy with how it’s come out; the gradients of colour are just as I’d hoped they’d be, although I have to admit that having a photo of my own arm in this position helped enormously to making this work. It’s really satisfying when an image comes out just as I’d pictured it in my head.


As promised yesterday this multiple post should bring us back up to date, starting with Saturday 12th and coming up to today.

Saturday’s drawing was a pen-and-Photoshop inspired by the notion of musical cheese; I thought that it would be funny if cheesy music were played on something that reflected the content:

MPCheese 12-10-13I really love the colours on this, it’s pretty simple but more effective for it.


Sunday 13th’s image was inspired by my new hobby; I’ve started a band with a few friends and it’s a lot of fun. It’s the most I’ve played guitar in a long time and the after-effects are presenting themselves, so it led to this refined pen drawing:

Guitar Fingers 13-10-13


I like the simplicity of this one; it gets the sense of wear across rather neatly.


Monday 14th’s image was a pen sketch borne out of the recent heavy rainfall we’ve had. In my job in the last week I’ve seen a lot of people coming in to escape the weather and I’ve been similarly caught out, leading to the figure below:

Rain Escape 14-10-13


I think the black-and-white suits it quite well, but while I’m fairly happy with the figure’s stance (the sense of urgency particularly comes over), I think I may have overshaded the innards of the hood.


Yesterday’s image was inspired by odd-eyed cats. I think there’s something strange and beautiful about that look:

Odd Eyes 15-10-13


I’m rather happy with the shading on this one. I just wish it were a little larger.


Today’s image is a bit of fun typography based on ‘mwah, mwah’ air-kissing, drawn in Sharpie then computer-refined:

Mwah Mwah 16-10-13I’m pretty happy with this one as it was much more of a test with typography than the stuff I normally do. The form suits it really nicely; it looks like a lipstick print but the phrase is pretty clear.



Inspired by a conversation I had with a friend a while ago as to whether or not it’s possible to make a hoodie look posh. This is my idea as to how it might work:

Posh Hoodie 25-9-13

I’m really pleased with the colouring on this one; I decided to use a more subtle brush method in Photoshop and it’s really paid off, particularly on the hoodie itself. My only regret is that I had to change the suit; originally it was pinstriped but for whatever reason the colouring didn’t work as I’d hoped, but I’m glad I took them out as the end product is fine as is.

So normal service has been resumed today:

Test Card 24-9-13

The absence has unfortunately been unavoidable due to several things beyond my control but I’m glad to be back here again. With any luck I should be able to keep things going to the end of the year. The circumstances meant that the image basically chose itself; I’m quite pleased with how it came together but perhaps it could have been a tad bigger.

A rather whimsical pencil sketch today:

Cat On The Wall 1-5-13


I’m quite pleased with the composition of this one. I really hope that the colour comes through okay on this but it’s uploading images like this that truly makes me realise that I need to get a better quality scanner; the headache I get from using my current one (a very old make with a marked lack of colour reproduction compared to newer models) and trying to maintain clarity/verisimilitude via Photoshop is really quite frustrating.

Ended up detained from the blog yesterday due to starting a new hobby – I’ve started running to counter a fairly sedentary lifestyle but I was out for longer than expected. Naturally though it’s fed into both what would have been yesterday’s entry and today’s. The first is fairly self-explanatory:

Running 25-4-13It’s quite a basic sketch really but I like the pose. Had I done this in pen the look of determination in the girl’s face may have been clearer.

Today’s entry proper is a pun-based cartoon inspired by the wildlife encountered on the run:

Bee and Ewe 26-4-13Very silly, I know, but too good an opportunity to miss. I seem to be developing a recurring theme of bees at the moment.



Quick pencil sketch today:

Hula Hooping 23-3-13

It’s quite a refreshing change to do something less refined than what I’ve been predominantly doing of late; I’d wondered about adding colour but on this occasion I wanted to keep it simple (although it’s likely that a pen version would have improved the definition a little). I like the girl’s posture; the closed eyes add a sense of focus/purpose.