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Returned to simpler pencil drawing today with this picture of a pocket:

Pocket 23-10-13

I think the folds here suggest a full pocket. It was a nice break to come back to this method after so much computer imagery; I should maybe go back to some painting soon as well.


Inspired by a conversation I had with a friend a while ago as to whether or not it’s possible to make a hoodie look posh. This is my idea as to how it might work:

Posh Hoodie 25-9-13

I’m really pleased with the colouring on this one; I decided to use a more subtle brush method in Photoshop and it’s really paid off, particularly on the hoodie itself. My only regret is that I had to change the suit; originally it was pinstriped but for whatever reason the colouring didn’t work as I’d hoped, but I’m glad I took them out as the end product is fine as is.

Due to running yesterday I missed out on posting so it’s a double today. First image, which seems apposite, is a rendering of the treads on the sole of my trainer:

Treads 2-5-13

I’m not that great at rendering detail on clothing so it made a nice change to take this as a focus, and the image is cleaner for just being the tread detail rather than a reproduction of the sole as a whole.

Today’s entry proper is a follow-up of sorts to the Colour Blots image, with these little Sharpie cloud critters:

Cloud Critters 3-5-13

I rather wish I had more shades of blue but I think the cuteness still remains which is the crucial factor. Next lot will have to be in shades of green, and will most likely be leaves.

In other news, I recently had fun taking part in a light-hearted video-making venture with my friend, illustrator Mike Laraman; the result, ‘Duckstep’, can be viewed here. Be sure also to check out Mike’s other videos and his art site linked above.

Back to Sharpie and pencil, but this time applying it to clothing:

Fez 11-4-13Unfortunately my red was starting to give up the ghost by this point, and it’s showing somewhat. Much as I’d like to say it adds texture, this would be more true if the colouring had all been in one direction. Something to learn from I think (a continuing exercise). But I’m happy with the blending of the pencil into the pen.


Laptop is almost fully healed, for which I’m exceptionally grateful and relieved.

Yesterday’s image was a pen sketch of a zip. Clothing details aren’t my strong suit so I wanted to rectify this:

Zip 14-3-13I wish I’d done a larger rendering of this, and possibly added colour, but there seems to be a good textural quality to this. I need to figure out how to render textiles in Photoshop soon without relying on filters (my stand-by up until a couple of years ago).

Today’s image, owing to its having rescued my files prior to my laptop falling ill, is my memory stick:

Memory Stick 15-3-13It’s perhaps a little incongruous to use old-school rendering (something I’ve previously tailored to older technologies) to a new hardware form, but today has been a brain-fritz and I wanted to do something simple, plus for the computer I want to break it back in gently. (This anthropomorphisation of my accessories will funnel its way into cartoons, I’m quite sure.)

Returned to Photoshop today with this odd socks image:

Odd Socks 22-1-13I think the end result is better for having coloured outlines than a solid black one; it’s more subtle. I’ll be using this method from now on for Photoshop cartooning. The only thing I wish I could have done with this was to add a shadow but it always looked wrong and detracted from the socks, so that’s something to work at for future imaging.


Inspired today by our washing machine’s appetite for eating shirt buttons:

I quite like the compostion of this one; I think I got the balance of small, medium and large fairly well, and the biro suggests buttons being knocked about in the machine.

In other news I’d like to say thank you and give first-time shout-outs to food writer Christine at Texana’s Kitchen for subscribing, to illustrator Marietjie M Steyn for subscribing and liking Sweet, and to photographer Pause for also liking Sweet – have a look at their blogs and works at the above links. I’d also like to give further shout-outs to Nonoy MangaEdilio Ciclostile, and Justin for liking Sweet as well.