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Unexpected sabbatical last night, so here are yesterday’s drawing and today’s, both of which see a return to long-unused media; the former is an ink painting of a sock monkey:

Sock Monkey 25-10-13

I think this fellow’s rather charming. I’ve been thinking a lot about sock monkeys for a future undertaking which I’ll explain more once I can get certain elements confirmed.


The latter is a biro sketch of stem ginger:

Stem Ginger 26-10-13

I think the scratchiness of the biro depicts the roughness of the ginger quite nicely. Having said that, of the two images I much prefer the monkey.





I missed yesterday due to it being my birthday, so I drew something apposite to mark the occasion – a cat with some cake:

Cat with Cake 17-5-13

I rather like the look of glee on the cat’s face; I do wonder if I should’ve made the slice of cake a little larger and put a candle on the top, but the overall effect is quite cute nonetheless.

Today’s entry proper is more of a diagram showing different diacritic (linguistic) accents:

Diacritics 18-5-13

Considering this was done cold in biro (with only minor CG tweakage) I’m happy with the composition here; I’ve missed biro drawing as I’ve not done this for quite some time, plus it was nice to apply typography to linguistics as it’s a subject I find intriguing.

I think I’d like to do more diagrammatic stuff like this; one I’d want to explore for a future entry is birds’ beaks, partly because of the variety of shapes and partly because I could do with the practise, and to continue the linguistic theme I’d like to try illustrating some of Chomsky’s principles. The latter strikes me as being rather less frivolous than both birds’ beaks, never mind a cat with cake, but it’s nice to inject seriousness occasionally.

Swift biro sketch as a step back from yesterday’s image:

Needle & Thread 15-2-13

Pretty straightforward, really, but it’s nice to come back to biro again; it’s quite fragile in comparison to the boldness of the last few entries.

Three small unrelated things: one, I’m planning to go to London next week or the week after and will use that as an opportunity to do some location drawings there, as it’s been a long time since I’ve focused on architecture. Two, there’s going to be a big blitz on backdated entries to start filling in the gaps from last year. And three… I may have a big project up my sleeve. More on this to follow.

Thought I’d take a step back to something simpler, and it’s the return of the dodgy typewriter font:
YWS 14-1-13

Part of the step back was due to wanting to come back to something familiar that I’d neglected for a while, and also because most of the evening’s activity’s been devoted to printing like a dervish for an upcoming charity exhibition in which I’m participating, based at the Stepping Stone Studios in Maidstone, organised by my friend and sometime collaborator, the wonderful Daniel Tollady. More on this when I can reveal further details.

A very quick biro sketch of a pair of spoons today:

Spoons 4-1-13

I’m quite pleased with how this one came out; I’d forgotten how much I enjoy drawing in biro purely because it’s a much more carefree medium.


Quick biro drawing today of a spent match:

I’m going to break with my normal shout-out sign-off tradition here: I regret to announce that, due to circumstances beyond my control, I’m going to be taking an indefinite hiatus from the blog. I’m not sure when I’ll be back here; in the meantime I’d like to give a massive thank-you to everybody who’s stopped by the blog so far and lent support, and I hope I’ll see you here again soon.

Returned to drawing rope today:

I’m quite pleased with the hatching and composition on this one. The more I use it the more I love drawing in biro.

In other news I’d like to thank and give a first-time shout to photographer, artist and fashion writer Sly at Sly with Sass for liking Skills Pay The Bills; check out her writings at her blog link above. I’d also like to give further shouts to The Sofi’s World, Violet, Miss Zari, Aaron and Nikolay for also liking Skills Pay The Bills.