I found a story earlier today about a frog that got caught up in a NASA rocket launch. The accompanying photo is incredible; sad to say though, and rather unsurprisingly, the frog didn’t have a particularly happy ending. I have sought to remedy this with the following picture:

Rocket Frog 17-10-13

The thing I love about doing this blog is that I never know exactly what’s going to be published on any given day, and that freedom is quite liberating; certainly I would never have known this time last week that I’d end up drawing a frog on a rocket, but the idea was too good to waste. I’m pretty happy with the colouring on this one, and I love the expression on the frog; the more I look at it the cuter it becomes.



As promised yesterday this multiple post should bring us back up to date, starting with Saturday 12th and coming up to today.

Saturday’s drawing was a pen-and-Photoshop inspired by the notion of musical cheese; I thought that it would be funny if cheesy music were played on something that reflected the content:

MPCheese 12-10-13I really love the colours on this, it’s pretty simple but more effective for it.


Sunday 13th’s image was inspired by my new hobby; I’ve started a band with a few friends and it’s a lot of fun. It’s the most I’ve played guitar in a long time and the after-effects are presenting themselves, so it led to this refined pen drawing:

Guitar Fingers 13-10-13


I like the simplicity of this one; it gets the sense of wear across rather neatly.


Monday 14th’s image was a pen sketch borne out of the recent heavy rainfall we’ve had. In my job in the last week I’ve seen a lot of people coming in to escape the weather and I’ve been similarly caught out, leading to the figure below:

Rain Escape 14-10-13


I think the black-and-white suits it quite well, but while I’m fairly happy with the figure’s stance (the sense of urgency particularly comes over), I think I may have overshaded the innards of the hood.


Yesterday’s image was inspired by odd-eyed cats. I think there’s something strange and beautiful about that look:

Odd Eyes 15-10-13


I’m rather happy with the shading on this one. I just wish it were a little larger.


Today’s image is a bit of fun typography based on ‘mwah, mwah’ air-kissing, drawn in Sharpie then computer-refined:

Mwah Mwah 16-10-13I’m pretty happy with this one as it was much more of a test with typography than the stuff I normally do. The form suits it really nicely; it looks like a lipstick print but the phrase is pretty clear.



Without going into too much detail out of respect for other people, last week was rather difficult. Drawing helped to provide an escape; because there’s a lot to catch up on, I’m going to do two block entries.

Last Monday’s (7th October) image was inspired by Game of Thrones, a series I got into in a big way this year, and is a return to Rorschach patterning with this direwolf:

Direwolf Rorschach 7-10-13

I’d intended it so that, owing to the nature of the series, it would look like it ought to be on a standard or banner. Originally this had been a pencil drawing, which I refined in Photoshop; in retrospect I rather with I’d used more than one shade of grey but I’m rather pleased with the shape, and the rough edges add to the feel.

Tuesday 8th’s entry was a typographic image inspired by a piece of military slang – Charlie Foxtrot is the NATO Phonetic abbreviation for ‘cluster-f**k’. I thought there was something about Charlie Foxtrot that had a neat ring to it, and wanted to find a way to make attractive a euphemism for a somewhat unpleasant term:

Charlie Foxtrot 8-10-13

I think there’s something about this that looks like it ought to be a logo for something, which partly is why I tilted it – the other reason is to emphasise the meaning of something gone wrong. I like the letterforms; I do wonder if I should have done something more with the colour.

Wednesday 9th’s image is another swirl pattern based on the literary and philosophical tradition of four temperaments – melancholic (black), sanguine (red), choleric (yellow) and phlegmatic (green):

Four Temperaments 9-10-13

While the pattern itself is quite good it may have benefited more from depth of shading. I can’t help thinking this would have worked just as well as a representation of CMYK. I think next time I do a swirl I should go for a feel other than liquid to test myself more.

Thursday 10th’s image was much simpler, a praying mantis:

Praying Mantis 10-10-13

I believe this is the second time I’ve rendered an insect in this fashion (the first being a snail) and it makes for a nice change. Somehow it still has the same inquisitive look as the others.

Friday 11th’s entry was a shell in Sharpie and pencil:

Shell 11-10-13

I like the textural feel to this one. I do wonder if I should have put more patterning but the colour’s vivid enough as it is.

Something more colourful today:

Cat In Autumn Park 6-10-13

This took quite some time to do what with building up layers via Photoshop but I am so happy with this piece – I’m really proud of the colours. It’s a nice reminder of how beautiful autumn can be instead of dwelling on its melancholy.

I’ve started listening to The Beta Band recently and thought their title ‘It’s Not Too Beautiful’ would work nicely in cursive:

INTB 5-10-13I went with blue because the phrase – and indeed the song – is somewhat melancholic; the lower case adds to the lower key feel. Admittedly the overall image is pretty slight but then that’s rather the point – for something like this it’s better to let the phrase speak for itself and then fill in the gaps mentally (which is the power of the song itself – it never fully explains the story behind the sentiment).



Something I meant to upload earlier was another swirl pattern that I did, loosely inspired by galactic swirls as seen from the Hubble Telescope:



This was done for the latest A4C Exhibition which happened in September and was the sequel show to February’s fundraiser. The success of both shows means that the total amount of funds raised for CPCKent is now in the region of £1k, which is something of which I’m proud to have been a part. I rather like the image itself although I do wonder if I should’ve included more white to suggest stars.

I had something of a bad turn late last night. Decided to get back to normality through illustrative mockery, using sharpie and pencil:

Mental Bomb 3-10-13

Most people who know me personally know that my hair is a state and it’s really only one step removed from resembling a mushroom cloud anyway. But when I’m in a truly foul state it wouldn’t be surprising to see a full detonation – it would be quite funny if that were the case and would certainly take some the edge off of whatever caused things to reach that stage. Either way the image tickles me.