Today’s image was borne out of the radio show I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, and their parody of Rock Paper Scissors, Cow Lake Bomb:

Cow Lake Bomb 22-10-13

It is of some regret that I can’t track down the clip proper because it is possibly one of the funniest five minutes of radio comedy I’ve ever heard. I figured it was better to present the game in the same matter-of-fact way in which Humphrey Lyttelton introduced it because conveying the anarchy of the round itself would have been nigh on impossible without simply animating the original sound clip. The image itself could work pretty well as a t-shirt for die-hard show fans; I’m aware this is a somewhat niche group of which I am a part, which perhaps makes this a self-indulgent image but it’s nice to show my love for the programme somehow.