Apologies for the hiatus – I was away for a friend’s wedding at the weekend, so as per previous absences, these four images are for each day away plus today. The first image was inspired by the wedding – my friend the bride wore bracelets patterned with dragons so I thought it’d be nice to use that and make a two-dragon picture:Dragons Entwined 28-9-13

I like the overall colour scheme and form but I do wonder if there’s something I’ve missed here; it somehow seems too understated.


The second image is a return to a panel-strip format about the notion of things I really wouldn’t want to hear in a cinema. The first panel actually happened to me at a club screening; I’ve since been pondering if anything else could make me react with further gusto and so I came up with this:

Three Things 29-9-13 001

I love the reactions of the other cinemagoer. It must be stated that for those of you who haven’t seen Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, it is a yawning chasm of awful albeit in the most hilarious way imaginable. For those who have… you’ll understand the fear of a sequel, if only for the utter logic bomb needed for it to exist.


Bizarrely, there appears to be a Tommy Wiseau theme emerging via the next image. I had this idea for a crossover between The Room and Adventure Time, borne out of one of the former’s more infamous lines of dialogue; the resulting image practically produced itself:

Adventure Tommy 30-9-13


I’m rather pleased with the overall composition here and the Finn-Tommy hybrid character looks better than I thought it would (I think it’s the eyes that make it) but I’m undecided on the font choice. The size of the type is fine, but I’m unsure as to whether I ought to have made it look more hand-written.


Finally I made a return to animals today with this kiwi:

Kiwi 1-10-13I’ve always found kiwis to be cute but the thing that’s always puzzled me about them is that you can never quite tell where their wings are.Β I love the inquisitiveness of this particular fellow here.