Yesterday I was caught up in other things that meant I was detained from posting, so it’s another multiple post today.

What would’ve been yesterday’s image is inspired by the Stevie Smith poem, Not Waving But Drowning, and the lino-cut album sleeves (The Eraser and Amok) of Stanley Donwood:

NWBD 23-5-13

I’d originally planned to make this two shades of blue but the white allows the image to breathe more. I only wish I’d been able to do this as a proper lino-cut.

Today’s image follows on from the Fennec Fox; whilst browsing online I was reminded of a jerboa, which has a similar surreal appeal, so I decided to sketch one:

Jerboa 24-5-13

As with fennec foxes it’s very difficult not to find jerboas unbelievably cute. I appear however to have defaulted back to mammals; the next one of these will need to be either avian or reptilian.