I missed yesterday due to it being my birthday, so I drew something apposite to mark the occasion – a cat with some cake:

Cat with Cake 17-5-13

I rather like the look of glee on the cat’s face; I do wonder if I should’ve made the slice of cake a little larger and put a candle on the top, but the overall effect is quite cute nonetheless.

Today’s entry proper is more of a diagram showing different diacritic (linguistic) accents:

Diacritics 18-5-13

Considering this was done cold in biro (with only minor CG tweakage) I’m happy with the composition here; I’ve missed biro drawing as I’ve not done this for quite some time, plus it was nice to apply typography to linguistics as it’s a subject I find intriguing.

I think I’d like to do more diagrammatic stuff like this; one I’d want to explore for a future entry is birds’ beaks, partly because of the variety of shapes and partly because I could do with the practise, and to continue the linguistic theme I’d like to try illustrating some of Chomsky’s principles. The latter strikes me as being rather less frivolous than both birds’ beaks, never mind a cat with cake, but it’s nice to inject seriousness occasionally.