So here we have the second part of the bumper update, starting with what would have been Saturday’s entry; this, Diverge/Converge, was inspired by a meeting of old friends:

Diverge Converge 11-3-13

We’re all at the stage now where we’re starting to go further afield than previously but it’s my hope that we’ll still come to meet on the same point from time to time. I’d originally planned on red/yellow/green/blue but then realised that CMYK colouring was more striking and more suited to our artistic backgrounds/training, especially as we met at art college.

Sunday’s entry, Drench, was inspired by the return of rainy weather:

Drench 12-5-13


I like the simplicity of this one; I’d wondered about adding shading but the old rule of less-is-more came to the fore once again – it stands out enough as it is.

Monday’s Goose Chase came about after realising that a long-term goal is going to have to be far more long-term than first hoped:

Goose Chase 13-5-13


I’d initially wanted to do a goose proper but thought that the prints were more subtle; you get the impression from the tracks that it’s something that’s been there and you’ve missed it. With any luck the long-term plan won’t fall under the same fate.

Tuesday’s entry was inspired by yet another bout of technological failure, this time with my MP3 player, which crashed and then resurrected itself (albeit with the caveat that some files have been corrupted). I have decided that this makes it a zombie MP3, or more succinctly, Zom-P3:


Zom-P3 14-5-13


Today’s entry is the colourised Zom-P3 player:

Zom-P3 Colour 15-5-13

It’s been a long time since I’ve undertaken a big Photoshop image like this and I’m very happy with how it’s come out.