My absence from the blog has been longer than planned due to catching up on things post-Scotland break taking more time than I’d anticipated; in some cases the drawings weren’t done on the day proper due to lack of time but I’ve endeavoured to make sure that the number of drawings matches the days missed. While I didn’t have the opportunity to do any location drawing as I’d initially hoped, the journey inspired me in different ways. I’ll be filling in the backdating over two multiple posts.

Last Monday’s (the 6th) image was borne out of a hurried attempt to pack before catching the train:

Okay folks 6-5-13



I think the slightly ragged edge of the lettering suits the text. Naturally the word panic needed to be the most prominent, and I like the way that the letters increase in size as the message emerges (I can imagine a gradually rising voice uttering them).

Tuesday’s image was a safety pin, done in a snatched moment observing my makeshift repair effort on a broken zip:Safety Pin 7-5-13

I’m not sure if the depth of shading came through fully on the scan but I think the pencil suits the small fragile object better than pen would have done.

Wednesday’s image was more of a William Morris-inspired piece of text borne out of reuniting with my family, several of whom I’d not seen for years; we’d been gathered together for an Empire Medal ceremony for my Grandmother, who’d been rewarded for longstanding services to charity and the community:Familia 8-5-13


I chose this form for the text to echo the concept of the family tree; I’d like to revisit and colour this.

Thursday’s entry is a more frivolous affair, inspired by the mussels on the Musselburgh coat of arms and a pun on muscle memory:

Mussel Memory 9-5-13Rather silly, I know, but I like the letterforms on this one; my only wish is that I’d used inkbrush instead of pen.

Friday’s entry is a return to the onomatopaeia style, stemming from the idea of realisation of an ideal:

Realisation 10-5-13

Rather than it being a sudden eureka flash, this was more of the realisation that I’m actually on a good path right now. The last year has been pretty turbulent, all things considered, but things are coming more and more into focus and certain ambitions are starting to make themselves more keenly felt.

The next lot of entries will be rather more colourful; next time I’m away I’m a) going to try to make more time to draw where possible and b) taking Sharpies.