Due to running yesterday I missed out on posting so it’s a double today. First image, which seems apposite, is a rendering of the treads on the sole of my trainer:

Treads 2-5-13

I’m not that great at rendering detail on clothing so it made a nice change to take this as a focus, and the image is cleaner for just being the tread detail rather than a reproduction of the sole as a whole.

Today’s entry proper is a follow-up of sorts to the Colour Blots image, with these little Sharpie cloud critters:

Cloud Critters 3-5-13

I rather wish I had more shades of blue but I think the cuteness still remains which is the crucial factor. Next lot will have to be in shades of green, and will most likely be leaves.

In other news, I recently had fun taking part in a light-hearted video-making venture with my friend, illustrator Mike Laraman; the result, ‘Duckstep’, can be viewed here. Be sure also to check out Mike’s other videos and his art site linked above.