Apologies for the absence yesterday, I was unavoidably detained. Yesterday’s entry would have been this Sharpie-drawn and Photoshop-tweaked Fire Lotus:

Fire Lotus 15-4-13

Originally the outline was rendered as red with pale orange at the centre, but I thought upon reflection that the red overwhelmed the rest; as a result I used Photoshop to switch the two colours around, which I think has improved it.

Today’s image was a follow-on of sorts from the Turning The Air Blue entry, with an ink-brush rendering of an alto clef:

Alto Clef 16-4-13

I have a personal affinity with the alto clef because I used to play the viola; I also really love the shape of the clef and think that, were it to be rotated and repeated in pattern, particularly if in different shades of the same colour, it could make for an interesting design/motif. Something to play with for the future I feel – which means I’ve now got a few ideas for future entries; it’s nice to have something to ruminate upon on and revisit.