Being delayed by internet issues yesterday (the pitfall of wi-fi) means I’m behind by a day. Yesterday’s image was an attempt at pen-rendering hair in a clip:

Hairclip 2-4-13

I think there’s something about this that looks a little like a plate etching, which is quite pleasing. I’m glad I remembered the detail of the hair curving into the clip at the top or it would have looked too flat. Something I’d like to try is to see how a colour version would turn out.

Today’s entry is a pencil-and-Sharpie rendering of a pink albino eye:

Albino Eye 3-4-13



As a rough sketch it’s not bad – I’ve got the colour balance right – but I need to find a way of improving the blending.

In other news I got myself signed up to Twitter on Monday in a move to cast my net a little wider – I’m @Creative_Liz. How far this will go is too early to tell but I’m hoping it should yield interesting results!