After yesterday’s trip to Margate, I wanted to work up a sketch from a photo I took yesterday of the Margate Media Centre:

Margate Media Centre 20-3-13

It’s quite nice to do something architectural again; I don’t think I can count this as location drawing as technically it wasn’t done ‘on-site’, and I regret not having done this as such as it may have yielded a different result in terms of line quality from creating a swifter drawing. Nonetheless I think the drawing itself is a pretty decent one and I hope the detailing comes through.

As promised yesterday, here are the photos from Danna Project’s Margate exhibition, put up by kind permission of the artists. First we have Daniel Tollady’s works:

PENTAX ImageNew Margate


PENTAX ImageThe Hybrids – Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta


PENTAX ImagePENTAX ImageModular Geometries wallpapers


PENTAX ImageDetail from Modular Geometries wallpaper


Anna Baranowska’s works:

PENTAX ImageUnfolding the Inbetween – Margate


PENTAX ImageSense


PENTAX ImageUntitled works


PENTAX ImageDomestic Superimposition (lightbox images)