Laptop is almost fully healed, for which I’m exceptionally grateful and relieved.

Yesterday’s image was a pen sketch of a zip. Clothing details aren’t my strong suit so I wanted to rectify this:

Zip 14-3-13I wish I’d done a larger rendering of this, and possibly added colour, but there seems to be a good textural quality to this. I need to figure out how to render textiles in Photoshop soon without relying on filters (my stand-by up until a couple of years ago).

Today’s image, owing to its having rescued my files prior to my laptop falling ill, is my memory stick:

Memory Stick 15-3-13It’s perhaps a little incongruous to use old-school rendering (something I’ve previously tailored to older technologies) to a new hardware form, but today has been a brain-fritz and I wanted to do something simple, plus for the computer I want to break it back in gently. (This anthropomorphisation of my accessories will funnel its way into cartoons, I’m quite sure.)