Originally I’d planned to draw Charlie Brooker today as it’s his birthday; it didn’t work out as planned (something to return to methinks). Instead I opted to go for sepia ink calligraphy with this short stanza:

Oh sweet little boy 3-3-13

This is something I thought of a while ago and I’m planning to incorporate it into a larger project; originally the first two lines ended with the words ‘fly’ and ‘shy’ but I then became aware of the similarity between this and Mary Howitt’s ‘The Spider and the Fly’. Despite the minor differences between her verse and mine – the spider in Howitt’s work is male, whereas my lines are intended to be spoken by a female – I decided it best to change it. As a result the finished work is much creepier, which will make it fit better for its eventual intended use, and in particular its intended speaker, who’s meant to be otherworldy and rather malign. This will become clearer in due course. On another note it’s quite nice to return to brushstroke lettering.