As promised yesterday, pen drawings from London! The first was the motif carved into one of the balconies at the V&A Museum:

V&A Motif 27-2-13

I’ve always loved visiting the V&A – I could quite happily get lost in there (and due to its labyrinthine nature I sometimes have), and I’m particularly fond of the Japanese exhibit there. I’d hoped to draw more of the building itself but I wasn’t confident enough to do it justice, having not done location drawing for some time; I’m glad the motif drawing turned out well.

Whilst waiting for the train home I thought I’d try drawing the clock at Charing Cross:

Charing Cross Clock 27-2-13

I’m fairly happy with the shape and scale but the shading may have failed me a little here; in retrospect I ought to have brought a biro rather than a gel pen as they’re better for shading.

I’d rather hoped to draw the Christ Church at Spitalfields too, but time, and unobstructive spaces to stand/sit at a suitable vantage point, were not on my side. For future trips I’d like to try and draw more of a building rather than just a feature; fascinating as the latter can be, the former’s more of a stretch.