Inspired by the recent horse meat scandal, something I fear (if the story continues to unfold on its current trajectory) will likely deepen over the coming year:

Horse Rorschach 20-2-13It’s been a long time since I’ve used Rorschach-influenced imagery and I’m rather pleased with the result; it’s quite creepy but then again so is the news story – while I freely admit to eating meat it would be nice to know that the food on one’s plate is what it claims to be, and from a safe source. On an extra (and even more alarming) note, and an unintended reference, in traditional depictions of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the red horse belongs to Pestilence.

In more cheerful news, I’ve received word today that the A4C: A4 Art For Charity show at Stepping Stone in Maidstone has been extended for a longer period owing to its success! No word yet on its closing date but this is highly encouraging and I’m hoping that the further exposure will garner as much extra money for CPC Kent as possible. More news on this as and when I get it.