Our bathroom has been invaded by a massive spider. It spawned this cartoon:

Spider in the Bath 4-2-13I’d wondered about adding shading to this one but eventually decided that less was more, especially because I plan to do something more ambitious over the next couple of days. Watch this space.

On a slightly unrelated note but something I’d like to ask opinions on – I was recently struck by the recent poster for Charlie Brooker’s new series, Black Mirror; the poster can be seen here. Given the programme’s subject matter of how technology affects and pervades our lives, the image seems to convey the idea of this going wrong in quite a stylish way; nonetheless the uncanny valley effect on the girl’s smile frightened the daylights out of me when I first saw it. But then I couldn’t look away… What do you think? Good image? I know I don’t canvas for thoughts on here very often so I wanted to branch out a little.