Today’s image is a watercolour-rendered chess knight:

Knight 3-2-13

I think the colours came out better on this one than on yesterday’s watercolour image. Again it could probably do with being a little bigger but I like the shape.

As promised here are the photographs from the A4C show by artist; where possible I’ve tried to include the artists’ blogs/websites where I could find them. It’s been a real privilege to exhibit alongside them and to be a part of the good cause.

PENTAX ImagePENTAX ImagePENTAX ImagePENTAX ImageDaniel Tollady (show leader)’s spatial and geometric illustrations


PENTAX ImageAnna Baranowska‘s architectural themed illustrations


PENTAX ImageAdelia da Silva Neto’s abstract art


PENTAX ImageBen J Martin‘s photography taking its cue from the Kent scenery


PENTAX ImageBen Palmer’s paintings


PENTAX ImageBernard Zammit‘s illustrations and architectural photography


PENTAX ImageCharlotte Smith’s fashion photography


PENTAX ImageColin Osborn’s scenic photography


PENTAX ImageDavid Cater‘s photography


PENTAX ImagePENTAX ImageMy cartoon and fractal illustrations, plus my collaboration with Natalie Brownbridge illustrating her poem ‘Bobby Bee Goes For Gold’


PENTAX ImageEmma Tippett’s artworks


PENTAX ImageHolli Dillon‘s illustrations


PENTAX ImageKyveli Anastasiadi‘s photography


PENTAX ImageMatthew Burley‘s paintings


PENTAX ImageMatthew Osborn’s photography


PENTAX ImagePENTAX ImageNatalie Smith’s photography


PENTAX ImageNatalie Banton‘s nature-themed photography


PENTAX ImageOurania Chamilaki‘s photo-collages


PENTAX ImageStelios Styllas‘s architecture-inspired 3D canvasses


PENTAX ImageSophie Wilson‘s 3D paper sculpture illustrations


We also included art created by a few of the children who benefit from the creative therapies provided by CPC Kent; it was fantastic to be able to display the benefits provided by the charity and to involve its beneficiaries directly: