Apologies for the absence being longer than anticipated: helping out with the set-up for the A4C exhibition took more time than expected. More news on the show itself will follow tomorrow; in the meantime here are the drawings for the last few days.

Wednesday’s drawing was borne out of the impending show deadline:

Time Is Finite 30-1-13I wanted to play with the hourglass symbolism a little bit; I’m aware that the time I have is limited so it makes sense to have the hourglass bottomless and hence have time escape completely – if it had a bottom it could be turned upside down and create an infinite loop; while time itself is infinite, mine isn’t. I’m happy with the shape and form of the image but the colour’s lost something in the translation from sketchbook to screen which is a slight shame.

Thursday’s image was a carrot:

Carrot 31-1-13Fairly straightforward really; it could probably have benefitted from being a shade bigger. I like the green stem. I have the feeling there may have been some kind of subconscious ‘carrot/stick’ metaphor going on, with the stick being the exhibition prep and the carrot being the show proper.

Yesterday’s image came after the success of the A4C private view:

Victory 1-2-13


I know I said that I would use a calligraphy pen for this kind of typeface but I couldn’t wait on this occasion; the vindication of the fantastic turnout and subsequent sales – at current standing the show will make a four figure profit for CPC Kent, and feedback has been highly favourable – meant that I had to express this somehow.

Today’s image is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, playing with freehand rotational symmetry and inspired by the milk in my tea:

The au Lait 2-2-13

As I’ve stated in earlier entries, I am a massive tea drinker – I can’t function without it so it ends up leaking into my work (thankfully not literally). Of the tea-inspired images this one is the one of which I’m proudest, not least because I’m really happy with the result of the symmetry.