Somewhat more melancholic entry today:Forlorn 24-1-13I’m not entirely sure what inspired the change of mood today (quite possibly listening to Erik Satie) but I think it sums up the word ‘forlorn’ quite neatly. I’m wondering if I should have used inks instead of pencil though, but the colour itself is how I’d hoped.

In other news I can now put up the poster for the forthcoming charity show, A4C: A4 Art For Charity, as I’ve mentioned previously and in which I’m participating:

20130122 a4c poster

I’m really looking forward to the launch of the show: Daniel Tollady (the exhibition leader) of Danna Project and Maidstone’s Stepping Stone Studios (our hosts) have gone all out to put the show together and the line-up of artists (there’ll be twenty of us all-in-all, including myself, Daniel, his creative partner Anna Baranowska, and Natalie Banton) will be eclectic and exciting. All proceeds will go the cerebral palsy charity CPC Kent; please check out the links to find out more about the show and the groups involved.