This time around the 7-point sequel to 5-point Koch’s Snowflake was a success, and drawn entirely freehand (double bonus):

I think this has turned out pretty well, all things considered; I love the shape and at least I know how best to proceed if I were to try this method again with a different number of points. I’m still unsure as to whether I prefer this or the 5-point version though.

In other news, my friend Dan Tollady of the Danna Project has set up an intriguing new blog featuring a series of essays on fictional urban and spatial landscapes: check out his writings at A Year Of Cities.

I’d also like to give further shouts to Doodle Dad for liking Seven-Point Stars and I Am Bored, and to Rebecca, Dawn Foley, Nonoy Manga, The Sofi’s World and Violet for also liking Seven-Point Stars.