A quasi-sequel to yesterday’s Cross Hatch + Question, continuing the theme of telephone doodles; this is what I do when I’m on hold:

If I’m on hold the game I like to play is to fill an entire side of paper with ‘I am bored’; depending on the on-hold music, this phrase can become something rather less innocuous, but I’d rather not post that here.

In other news I’d like to thank and give a first-time shout to illustrator Rebecca-Jayne at Detrimentally Disgruntled for subscribing to the blog and liking Bubble Bath, Singing in the Shower, Wait… and Mint Humbugs; check out her drawings and writings at the link above. I’d also like to give further shouts to The Sofi’s World for giving me a second nod for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, to Bruce for liking Mint Humbugs and Cross Hatch, to Lois for liking Mint Humbugs, and to Nonoy Manga, Violet, Cynthia, Kearney, Rommel, Miss Zari and Aaron (who also fielded my tech question) for liking Cross Hatch.