Apologies for the unexplained hiatus since Chilli Pepper; I’ve been unexpectedly detained from the computer for the last few days but have the drawings to show for each day.

Monday’s image is a quick pen outline of a marionette:

It was only after drawing the doll that I realised I’d given her the same dress as that worn by Rebekah Brooks at the Leveson Enquiry. I hadn’t intended this resemblance – although if I could have amended the hair earlier to make the similarity complete, I would have done; depicting Brooks as a puppet of News International would have been rather apposite.

Tuesday saw a trip away from home and the day’s drawing followed in the vein of toys, with this biro sketch of a teddy bear:

I was experimenting here with a continuous line drawing and I’m pleased with the result; I hadn’t noticed it at the time but the uneven line quality gives the bear an older, worn look, suggesting something well-loved.

Wednesday’s drawing was of a set of screws, following the return home punctuated by a late-evening trip to IKEA:

Quite a straightforward image really; at the moment I can’t get away from DIY so I thought I’d feed it into my drawings for a change.

Thursday’s drawing was a return to Japanese calligraphy with a representation of the kanji for fūfu (married couple), not uploaded on the day due to technical issues:

Of the kanji drawings I’ve done this was the one that tested me most. This probably would have worked as well if I’d cut off the image from below the woman’s left hand; the embrace gesture would still have been clear, but I liked the full-body pose. I do love the romance in how the symbol for married couple comprises those of husband and wife.

Today’s drawing is of my guitar capo:

I’ve played guitar at a fairly rudimentary level on-and-off for three years. I couldn’t play (well, chord out) half the songs I love without my capo.

In other news I’d like to thank and give first-time shout-outs to illustrator Jeff Hanson at What Should I Draw and to cookery writer Maggie for liking Chilli Pepper, to illustrator Violet at Violet Gallery for liking Chilli Pepper and Carpenter’s Arms Rooftop, and to sports writer Charles Pazos at The Miami Heat Blog for liking Lethargy; give their works a look at the above links. I’d also like to give further shout-outs to Garrett for returning and subscribing, to Win Lose or Draw for liking Carpenter’s Arms Rooftop and Nawa, to Lilian for liking Rabbit, and to Bruce, Cynthia, Daniel, Anna, Nikolay, AaronImbuteria, The Sofi’s World, Peri and Nonoy Manga for also liking Chilli Pepper.