Returned to Japanese calligraphy today with a representation of the kanji for nawa (rope):

I’m still undecided on the line quality of the rope; I worry a little that it’s not quite clear enough. Possibly because the pieces of rope aren’t long enough.

In other news I’d like to thank and give a first-time shout out to artist St Neisha for liking Carpenter’s Arms Rooftop; check out his artworks at the link above. I’d also like to give further shout-outs to Garrett for returning and liking Carpenter’s Arms Rooftop, this time via his Lord Comics blog; to Daniel Kons for subscribing (and becoming my 50th follower); and to Nikolay, Aaron, Anna, Anna at Cancer Killing Recipe, MK Corless and Nonoy Manga for also liking Carpenter’s Arms Rooftop.