Injection of colour with today’s post, inspired by the receipt of my second award nomination in two months:

I should probably have used more than one ribbon colour but I’m pleased at having avoided two presents of the same colour touching, and having more bursts of colour like this is good for brightening things up a little!

Onto the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, for which Richard Guest kindly nominated me:

Richard’s a brilliant support here on the blog and I’d highly recommend checking out his photography work to those who haven’t investigated it already.

In accepting the award, the rules are that I nominate fifteen blogs for the award and share seven facts about myself. Here are the fifteen blogs I’d like to nominate:

Our Process

Peri’s Spice Ladle

The Volunteer Fringe

Bruce Gilligan, Oncology Ltd

Cancer Killing Recipe

The Sofi’s World

Nonoy Manga


Trick Slattery


Doodle Dad

Edilio Ciclostile

Lois Elsden

Mouse Illustration

Pumpkin von Bandersnatch

The seven facts about myself (following on from the last seven) are:

1. Before studying Illustration, I tried and failed to be an architect.

2. I have never actually painted on canvas. Maybe this year…

3. The furthest abroad I’ve ever travelled is Basel, Switzerland, which was a beautiful city; for future travels I’d love to visit Tokyo, Toronto and New Zealand.

4. I’d love to learn Japanese and Italian.

5. I can play (in the broadest sense of the word) the viola, keyboard, guitar and the kazoo.

6. Producing the blog this year has been a real help in breaking my habit of procrastination.

7. On a less serious note, if I were a superhero, my power of choice would be teleportation.

In other news I’d like to say thank you and give first-time shout-outs to illustrator Daniel Kons for liking Lethargy, and to Jeffrey Foltice at Photo Nature Blog for subscribing – take a look at their imagery and writing at the links above. I’d also like to give further shout-outs to The Sofi’s World, Doodle DadImbuteria, Nikolay and Nonoy Manga for liking Rabbit. I’m really glad of the support I get here on the blog so to everybody who views, likes and follows – thank you!