Inspired by a recent personal bout of feeling pretty run-down and lethargic:

I’m pleased with the composition and line quality on this but wonder if I should have used another colour – perhaps blue would have been better.

In other news I’d like to thank and give first-time shout-outs to illustrator David Petzold at the Lobster Boy blog for liking Gramophone, to illustrator Claudia Cruz for liking Celtic Snake, and to Russian historian and science writer Nikolay Kotev for also liking Gramophone; have a look at their works and writings at the links above. I’d also like to give further shout-outs to Inês for liking Multiple Post – Hedgehog, Lady with Fan, Mushroom, Chess, to ImbuteriaPeri and Nonoy Manga for liking Gramophone, and to Richard Guest for liking Gramophone, Synaesthesia, Lip Biting, Knotwork Peacock and Green Man.