Returned to Japanese calligraphy to day with the kanji for ‘hanasu’ (‘speak’):

Admittedly it’s a fairly straightforward interpretation but, as has been the case with several previous images, less was most likely more. I’d definitely like to start adding more colour to these though; much as I love making B/W drawings, I’m beginning to itch to put more variety in. However I’ve got a few ideas for some colour drawings this week, so watch this space!

In other news I’d like to say thank you and give first-time shout-outs to health writers L-Jay at L-Jay Health and Anna at Cancer Killing Recipe, and to writers Hiba Khalil at Cloud of Lace and to Garrett at Brother Sun, who all liked Martini;  take a look at their writings at the above links. I’d also like to give further shout-outs to Harsh Mellow, Aaron, Peri, The Circle of It, and Edilio Ciclostile for also liking Martini, and to Marney McNall for liking Rorschach Elephant.