Yesterday’s break came about because I was out celebrating my other half’s birthday; in his honour I drew a birthday hippo:

Today’s image came out of a discussion with my other half about the Ghibli film Grave Of The Fireflies (or, if you prefer, Hotaru no Haka), which he hasn’t yet seen; it got me to thinking about the more upsetting films I’ve seen and this was the spin I decided to put on it:

Well-made as each film is, and much as I can appreciate them and admire their various points of interest, I have no need of watching them very often (if ever). Having watched two of these films with other people, it has shown that they usually end up with a similar expression – a point of relief as we could laugh about that if not the films themselves… As such, I’m rather happy with how the horrified face came out.

In other news I’d like to thank and give a first-time shout out to photographer Brian Gaynor for stopping by and liking yesterday’s Rorschach Elephant; take a look at his work at the above link. I’d also like to give further shout-outs to the following for also liking Rorschach Elephant: Ash N. Finn, Aaron, The Sofi’s World, Doodle Dad, Edilio Ciclostile, Nonoy Manga and Online Funland (who also liked Clock and Be pure, be vigilant, behave).