Today’s sketch is a rough study which may form a building block for a project I’m working on:

I’m rather pleased with this one – I particularly like the grasping fist. I’m half-wondering if that top corner of the image would have been enough to convey the same feeling on its own, but I’m glad I tried it with the whole body pose.

In other news I’d like to say thank you and give a first-time shout-out to illustrator Sofi at The Sofi’s World for subscribing and giving me a further nod for the One Lovely Blog Award, and liking Rorschach Wasp – take a look at her artwork and online shop at the above link. I’d also like to give further shout-outs to Alecia Goodman, Aaron, Spencer, Peri, Ken Knieling and MK Corless for liking Rorschach Wasp, and Nonoy Manga for liking Rorschach Wasp and Celtic Snake.