Yesterday’s absence was due to a day out for my 27th birthday – I didn’t say at the time, but the One Lovely Blog nomination was a fantastic pre-birthday present!

So to commemorate yesterday’s birthday, I made this image:

It’s the sort of motif that’d probably look more at home on a t-shirt than a birthday card, maybe, but I like the idea of wearing this as a t-shirt as a precursor to being ID’d in supermarkets (which is admittedly flattering).

Today’s image proper is of a ‘chopsticked’ prawn, with the hirigana for prawn – ebi – on the handles:

It’s a slight departure to use hirigana instead of kanji as I’ve done previously but I like making it a more subtle part of the image.

In other news I’d like to say thank you and give a first-time shout-out to printmaker and art writer John Pindar at Notes to the Milkman for subscribing and liking yesterday’s entry; check out his work at the above link, and also his website here. I’d also like to give further shout-outs Trick Slattery for returning, subscribing and liking both yesterday’s entry and Singing in the Shower; to Keelan FoleySpencer AngeltvedtWin Lose or DrawBunny. Eats. Design., and Nonoy Manga for also liking yesterday’s entry; and to Peri for liking Old Slippers.