Inspired by the deadlines faced by both myself and a couple of friends who are preparing for exhibitions this week, I came up with this typography sketch:

Quite a simple thing really, but I liked the distressed cursive writing that I’d used in the ‘…with my reputation?’ image and, given the frazzled feeling I get when real time isn’t behaving as I’d like it to when a deadline looms, it seemed an apposite approach.

In other news I’d like to thank Art Profiles World for their subscription and their like on the Spider entry; their site is a fantastic showcase for a wide variety of artists and is well worth investigating. I’d also like to thank Spencer Angeltvedt for returning again and liking Spider, and give another shout to his blog; and thanks also to illustrators K. Ryan Henisey and Anne Onsøien for also liking Spider – give their artworks and other creative endeavours a look at the above links.