I returned to monochrome today for a sketch of an early 20th century telephone:

I’d have preferred in honesty to have rendered this image in charcoal but, in lieu of that, I think the pencil suits it quite well. I love the shape of early telephones; there’s an elegance to them that modern day handsets don’t have.

I’ve decided also today to give the blog something of a tweak in terms of how entries are categorised; over the next few days I’m planning to improve the layout as well – watch this space…

In other news I’d like to thank Peri at Peri’s Spice Ladle for liking the Bruschetta entry; fans of cookery should investigate her blog at the above link. I’d also like to thank Tom Preston, an old friend of mine, for providing a possible opportunity for a creative collaboration – more news on this as and when I know more.