I was more stuck than usual for an idea today but decided on a typography image centred on the phrase “with my reputation?”, a catchprase I took from The Fast Show character, the 13th Duke of Wymbourne, as played by Paul Whitehouse (one of my favourite comic actors):

What I liked about Paul Whitehouse’s delivery is the way he sounds both refined and utterly seedy at once, so I wanted to try and capture that with the font by using a cursive script that was degraded in its rendering; I probably ought to have made the outline less smooth but I like the detail of the full-stops/i-dots being more splattered.

In other news I’d like to give a mention to Natalie Banton, a good friend of mine and a very talented graphic designer and photographer; take a look at her work at the above link, and also check out the site for the Uckfield Art Trail, which she’s helping to co-ordinate.