Following on from the complexity of yesterday’s entry, I decided to return to relative simplicity with this quick pen and pencil cartoon banana:

I’m noticing that all my food drawings so far are based around fruit; the next one really ought to be something different otherwise I’m risking a rut. Nonetheless I’m quite pleased with the toning on this image.

In other news I’d like to publicise the latest exhibition curated by Dan and Anna at Danna Project: Urban Narrative, which has its private view on Friday 4th of May and will then run from Saturday 5th to Monday 7th of May at the Limbo Substation in Margate. If you haven’t investigated their website and work already, please do so at the link above; as I’ve mentioned in a previous entry, their urban-themed artwork and design, particularly that inspired by Margate, is wonderful, so I’m looking forward to seeing what their new exhibition will be like.