The gap between last entry and this is somewhat larger than anticipated, owing to being temporarily marooned as an indirect result of the petrol panic and subsequent shortages. Nonetheless I still have one drawing per day, which proceed in the following fashion…

Last Friday I decided to do a quick cross-hatched pen sketch of a collar and tie:

Unfortunately I fell foul of an old bad habit here; that of not knowing when to stop shading. As a result the tie looks rather frayed at the edges. However I’m quite pleased with the shading inside the collar.

Last Saturday, following on from a trip out to London’s fabulous Cartoon Museum (a must for fans of both comic books/graphic novelism and visual satire), that day’s picture is based on the old shepherding method of counting sheep, known as ‘Yan Tan Tethera’; I went with the Scottish variant – there are several depending on regional pronunciation and dialect. I found the idea interesting because of the way in which an ancient language (Brittonic Celtic) took on a particular significance for one particular profession; I also thought it was quite apposite at the time of the lambing season:

Although I did worry that it risks being repetitive, this image was a good way for me to practise form and grouping, as well as number patterning; while it was tempting to stop after ten/dick, it seemed right to go all the way to twenty/giggot, so as to fully explore what to me was a new idea. All in all there are two hundred and ten sheep in this image.

Sunday’s image was a step up into colour with this pencil sketch of a Russian doll:

I quite like this image. After the complexity of what went before with ‘Yan Tan Tethera’, it was good to go to something totally different.

On Monday I returned to architectural sketching, this time with an imagined fountain:

This was partly an exercise in symmetry as well as an excuse to work in the fleur-de-lis motif, which I’ve always been fond of; I think it’s turned out quite well. This is the first architectural-themed image with pencil shading as opposed to pen; I think this may have been due to following on from the Russian Doll and the softer shading. It was probably a better method otherwise the detail may have been lost.

On Tuesday I followed the fountain with another venture into medieval calligraphy, this time with the second half of Macbeth’s soliloquy from Act 5 Scene 5:

I’m not too bothered by the imperfections here (except possibly where the ‘a’ forms differ) because I wanted this to look like hand-scribed manuscript; however I think I prefer the script used in the De Profundis image as it’s clearer and cleaner. I’d like to revisit this at another time and render the whole soliloquy.

Wednesday’s image was a further venture into colour and symmetry, with my Celtic knotwork influenced image of the absinthe green fairy, La Fée Verte:

The end result looks more menacing and less coquettish than I intended, almost certainly due to the length of her face. However with the mythology surrounding absinthe and its hallucinogenic effects, perhaps menacing is more appropriate. I’m rather pleased with how the hair and wings look.

Thursday’s image was a far simpler affair with a return to the animals series; this time it was a mouse:

There’s not much to say with this one really, except that my favourite part is actually the shadowing coming round under the tail; a little detail that works quite well.

I returned to clothing with a more succesful image on Friday with this sepia image of laddered tights:

I like the composition of this image compared to previous clothing images as it’s a lot more playful.

Finally, today’s image is a return to mathematics, this time with a logarithmic spiral:

It’s a more straightforward form than the Fibonacci Spiral and as such lends itself better to a satisfying drawing. I still think the mathematics behind the Fibonacci sequence and curve is more interesting though; strange that there should be that imbalance between the two.

One thing I’ve learned from this large upload (the biggest multiple post yet) is that the more playful and colourful images seem to yield the best results; I’m still trying to be more ambitious and need to continue to try to make those more involved images as much fun. The other thing is that, from now on, should there be another hiatus, I’m going to need to find a way to backdate images to their relevant day; while typing longer entries isn’t a problem, I’m concerned that these multiple entries (especially those this big) are too unwieldy to read.