The past week has been a pretty busy one; highly productive, and very encouraging as to how to go forwards for March.

Monday’s drawing was inspired by my trip to Lille, sketched in pencil then refined in Photoshop:

Lille is a beautiful city; I was struck by the baroque architecture and also by the widespread graffiti and the gallery devoted to urban art in the main shopping precinct. I love it when cities embrace and juxtapose both past and present; conserving one while pushing forward with the other.

Tuesday’s entry was the first made while staying with Alex Procter, inspired by Kierkegaard’s philosophy that ‘life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards’:

I encountered this quote a couple of years ago; I’m not a massive follower of philosophy, but there was something about the simple reassurance of this particular phrase that I loved.

Wednesday was spent discussing ways to move our Celtic proverbs/Scottish project forward: I’m really quite excited with the ways in which we could go with this, both in terms of how the imagery itself will look – Celtic sayings are brilliantly visual and the language itself looks beautiful in print – and in terms of how we can present it. More updates will come as and when we make progress. I’d also like to mention at this point the upcoming Snap/Doodle project on which Alex is working with our friend, photographer Ben Nielsen (whose work is stunning) – it’s shaping up to be a pretty exciting mass interactive art piece. I’ll link to the website once it goes live.

My drawing for the day was an observed sketch of Alex’s mantelpiece, of which I’m quite pleased to have captured the intricacies:


Thursday was spent location drawing in Maidstone with Alex and our friends from the (sadly now soon-to-close) Maidstone UCA – including Jennifer Price, whose printwork is extraordinary – as part of a mass reunion day. My drawing was one of the griffons which forms part of the massively ornate ceiling moulding of the Muggleton Inn:


Today’s image is admittedly something of a step-down in terms of detailing – I made a cartoon drawing of a corset:

I’d like to end this entry by thanking Alex for her hospitality and encouragement over the past few days, and to also thank my friends for their kind words and continuing support for my blog and sketchbook. It’s given me a massive boost for pressing forward into March and beyond – onwards and upwards!