I was inspired today by reading about Koch’s Snowflake, the fractal pattern that emerges from an equilateral triangle. I was curious to see if it were possible to take the basic principle and apply it to a five-point star. It would appear that it is:

This shape was drawn freehand as another exercise in practising symmetry and form, as well as exploring the Snowflake principle.

I’ve previously mentioned my interest in fractals as the point where art and mathematics intersect; what I particularly love about Koch’s Snowflake is that, although the principle as described by Helge von Koch (its creator) centres upon a triangle, it almost certainly would work as well with any regular shape, and the end results would yield an interesting and beautiful form. What I’d love to do with this in future, therefore, is create a series of massive Koch’s Snowflakes, with different regular shapes as their starting points.