To break from the typography I’ve gone back to the etching-cartoon style today, with this mermaid pic:

While I’m quite pleased with this image, I’d like to revisit this one at some stage, and re-render it with sepia ink. Possibly add a touch of gold fineliner to the outlines to liven it up a little. Something to play around with, I think.

In other news: the wedding invitations have been successfully submitted! With Tori’s kind permission, here are photographs of the front and interior:

For both front and interior layout, the Celtic knotwork design and text were initially hand-rendered, then coloured using Photoshop; the outline of the ‘SV’ motif was then traced over in gold pen.

I would like to say once again that I’m really grateful to Tori for giving me this design opportunity, and for her support and positive feedback throughout the project.