Back in business today after a few days away in Harlow – I would like to start by saying how brilliant it is to come back to find so many new encouraging comments! I really do appreciate all feedback, it’s immensely helpful in working out how to go forward with things.

So… in the time away, I’ve got one image to account for each day away as well as today’s.

Tuesday’s image was a pen/pencil sketch of a hedgehog, in the same spirit as the Hippo image; fairly quick and simple to do and, I hope, with the same level of charm:

Wednesday’s image was far more of a challenge, being a highly detailed pen sketch of a girl with a fan; after a while I realised the end result looked similar to an etching, admittedly not my original intent but a pleasing one nonetheless:

Returned to simpler themes on Thursday with this inkbrush cartoon mushroom – this is an enlarged version of the minuscule original piece. There’s something quite quirky about this that I rather like:

And finally, today’s image was a pen sketch of a chess bishop and pawn, rendered in blue purely to inject more colour into proceedings:

In retrospect I’d like to revisit this one in either a different colour or medium; it’s a decent image in and of itself (I’m pleased with the light effects) but, seeing it next to the others, it seems to lack a certain something.